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My name is Anne Noble and I started in the mortgage industry as a loan processor in March 2002. In January 2003, I became a loan originator. Over the years, I have learned so much about credit, what lenders want to see (and what they don't) and pass this information on to my buyers who want to purchase but may not be quite ready just yet and guide them along the way so they can one day own a home of their own.

I am the type of person who tries to have many options for financing to allow more people to purchase a home they want instead of being limited on options like most other places do. I like to stand out as being different. Someone who doesn't follow the crowd to do what everyone else does. Yes, I like to do and can do the same loans that the local banks can do with a 720+ credit score and 20% down on a $250000 (with really good rates I might add) But I am also the same person who will finance a $60000 manufactured home for someone with a 580 credit score for someone who may not be able to afford more than that and can only put 3.5% down. That person may have also had some not so good things happen to their credit in the past due to situations out of their control but have since overcome it and are back on track. (Yes, I root for the underdog.) Those files can give you some of the greatest heartfelt memories.

I also do many renovation and construction loans each year since 2010. Those are another type of loan product most other places do not offer. I can do renovation loans on FHA, VA and conventional and 1 time close construction to permanent loans on FHA (only 3.5% down), VA (100% financing) and USDA (100% financing) loans with scores as low as 620 with automated approval. 
If someone finds a house they really like but then say "if only..." That is where I come in. I help put the "if only's" in that home for them. Whether it's fixing an existing house, adding on to a house or building a house from the ground up. Let's do it!

In December 2014, I was presented an opportunity to work with Marilyn Butler with Preferred Mortgage Financial. I can honestly say, that was the best career move I have ever made or even imagined. I have always loved my job helping people buy homes. But I have never been happier than I am right now than working at Preferred Mortgage Financial. I absolutely LOVE IT!! Marilyn is like no one else I have ever worked for. She takes good care of me and I try my best to return the favor to her as well. I was given the honor of being promoted as a branch manager with Preferred Mortgage Financial in December 2018 and am looking to grow my team in the Charleston, SC area. I want Marilyn Butler to be proud of what myself and my current team (with  Dawn Stone and Bryana Mannino) have done so far and what we will do in the future as we start to expand and add others to our team.

If I can help you with any home financing needs, please give me a call at 843-478-1360.

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